Фед очекује да ће каматне стопе бити близу 0% годинама, што би потенцијално могло повећати БТЦ-ов предлог вредности

The U.S. Federal Reserve’s game plan going forward includes short-term interest levels between 0% and 0.25%, as decided by Fed brass in a Sept. 15 and 16 gathering.

The independent body plans to maintain low interest rates in order to increase inflation, based on a Sept. 16 извештај from CNBC. Such news shines a light on Bitcoin as a store of value. The blockchain-based currency is largely immune to such actions, as it is protected against inflation by its permanent cap of 21 million coins.

A majority of the Fed’s committee members expect interest rates to remain close to 0% for the next three years, CNBC said. The governing body said that they aim for inflation higher than 2%.

These actions could result in the dollar losing value amid the central bank’s attempts to right the country’s sinking economic ship — tossed by the waves of the ongoing pandemic.

Over the last few years, Bitcoin has solidified its position as a продавница вредности, theoretically removed from traditional market prices and government control. Mainstream giants, such as MicroStrategies и Тудор Паул Јонес, have recently added to the coin’s credibility by joining the ecosystem, although the technology has yet to see full mainstream approval.

Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/fed-expects-near-0-interest-rates-for-years-potentially-boosting-btc-s-value-proposition