Врхунски ДеФи токени у губитку: СУСХИ 25%, СНКС 17.35%, ИФИ 14.5% - Информације о крипто валути | Вести о крипто валути

Extensive losses prevail as BTC struggles around $11,800 price level. While the top cryptocurrency strives to keep its head above water, many altcoins, particularly Defi tokens, are conceding huge losses.

Leading the struggle among today’s first wave of top losers, Sushiswap sinks into a deep mess of 25% daily loss. As this spells doom, others in the Defi space seem to return the favor by recording corresponding losses.

#1. SushiSwap (SUSHI 25.56% Loss):

sushiswap trading

SUSHI makes the top spot on today’s list of top losers. Although, its price, since the last two weeks was dangerously low due to an alleged exit scam purported by its creator. Converting over two million in SUSHI tokens to ETH, the shock left SUSHI’s community in disarray.

Од сада је тржишно расположење према СУСХИ врло конзервативно. Са око 60% песимизма, трговци верују да би се токени могли ускоро уронити на друго тржиште медведа.

The token is only about 3 weeks old and has made around 30% loss since last week. The 2-week timeframe is also bearish with around 80% loss.

СУСХИ сада мења власника на 1.70 долара усред тржишне капитализације која се креће око 171 милиона долара.

Технички поени

  • SUSHI failed to hold the support at $1.8 and is now testing the next support level at $1.70
  • Следећи ниво главне подршке лежи на 1.65 долара

#2. Yearn.finance (YFI tokens 14.7% Loss):

YFI trading chart

YFI had a shady market grasp within the last 24 hours. In the timeframe described, the coin received around 14.7% loss to balance up a week-long market gain which accumulated to around 60%.

At the time of writing this piece, YFI is trading at $34,442 while plunging towards the $34,000 mark. This is about a 10% difference in the biweekly time frame.

The coin overcame the $34,000 resistance level but failed the next opposition at $35,100. Before midday, FYI tested the price level at $34,500 but failed to break the level properly. It later fell below to build key support at $34,000.

У последњих 30 дана, ФИИ је стекао око 431% да би забележио значајан профит усред крипто валута највећег добитника текуће сезоне бикова.

  • Следећи ниво великог отпора на $ 35,000
  • Следећи ниво главне подршке на 32,000 УСД
  • РСИ се изједначио на нивоу од 90.0 и изгледа да му је потребно мало прилагођавање.

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# 3. Синтхетик мрежни жетон (СНКС 17.35% добитак):

SNX trading chart

SNX grabs a third place in this wave of top losers’ list. The coin lost around 17%.

SNX obtained some loss occasionally within the month. The coin dipped by 31% within the last 30 days. In the 14-day timeframe, as well, SNX lost around 38% but still gained roughly 964% within the last year.

Технички поени

Prices plunged through the $5.0, $4.8 and $4.5 level comfortably. Building a string of weak support at 4.4, SNX plunged through $4.5level. With the immediate support at $4.2 the next key support lies at $4.0

  • Следећи кључни отпор на $ 4.5
  • РСИ је пробио ниво 70.0 навише. Предстоји мало повлачење на 50.0.

Source: https://coinpedia.org/news/sushi-snx-yfi-tokens-losing-value/