Људи тренутно воле ових 5 божићних филмова на Нетфлику

There are plenty of Christmas offerings on Netflix

right now—the world’s biggest streaming platform has made sure of that. In addition to the bevy of options at your disposal this holiday season, Netflix has continued to add more and more Christmas-themed offerings in the latter part of 2020.

But which holiday movies are capturing the most Netflix subscribers right now? Netflix doesn’t release streaming numbers, but we do have the Top 10 charts. And using those daily lists, I devised a Top 10 ranking system that allows me to chart which movies have been the most viral.

So, according to those rankings, these five holiday movies have been the most dominant thus far this fall season:


Холидате kicked off its holiday run at the end of October. The Emma Roberts-led romantic comedy got off to a hot start, spending seven consecutive days atop the Daily Top 10 charts. And to this day, the film has not fallen off the rankings.

Тренутно, Холидате ranks as the fourth-most-popular film of the fall season and the 16th-most-popular movie of the entire year.


Thus far in November, Холидате has had a slightly better month than Гринч. But when we account for the entire fall season, Гринч has quietly dominated and currently sits in the second-place position (behind Хубие Халловеен).

The beloved animated film has made 63 appearances on the Top 10 charts this year (that’s the second-most of any movie) and currently ranks as the #4 film of 2020.

Operation Christmas Drop

Operation Christmas Drop may have only spent eleven days on the Top 10 charts this month (two of which were spent in the first-place position). But thus far, that’s been enough to rank the holiday movie in sixth place amongst all films on Netflix.

Јингле Јангле: Божићно путовање

Јингле Јангле: Божићно путовање got off to a rocking start this past week. After a three-day streak in first place, the movie has continued to rank highly on the daily charts. If this keeps up, Jingle Jangle will rise up pretty far on the Fall Top 10 charts.

Како је Гринцх украо Божић

Како је Гринцх украо Божић’s run hasn’t been the most flashy—but it’s certainly been reliable. While most movies move down the Top 10 rankings, Како је Гринцх украо Божић has only risen up the daily charts as the November days have passed. Alongside Гринч, Dr. Seuss has packed a one-two punch on Netflix this holiday season.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/travisbean/2020/11/21/people-love-these-5-christmas-movies-on-netflix-right-now/