ПлаиСтатион 5 'Демон'с Соулс' Ремаке такође долази на рачунар

Демон'с Соулс is perhaps the most unique game FromSoftware has ever released, not only because it was the start of the душе series but because it was just a weird game all around. FromSoft tried out all sorts of crazy ideas. Some worked, others didn’t. But the final product was a diamond in the rough.

The game is being remade by Bluepoint for PS5, skipping the PS4 generation altogether. Frankly, the original PS3 game still looks terrific, but the remake is on another level—while still maintaining that creepy, Lovecraftian-Medieval horror vibe.

Check out the new gameplay trailer from today’s PS5 showcase below:

Sony also revealed the price and release date for the PlayStation 5 consoles during the showcase which you can read about right here.

The big news that I didn’t notice on the stream but did spot on the trailer embedded in this post is the fact that this is not a PS5 exclusive. Демон'с Соулс is also coming to PC and apparently will be available on other consoles at a later date. That’s a pretty huge deal and not something I was expecting.

It makes the PS5 just that much less compelling, however, when you realize you can just play Демон'с Соулс on PC instead. Crazy.

I can’t wait. Just listening to that gorgeous score and watching all these familiar areas and boss fights play out in such high fidelity makes me seriously hyped for this game. No release date as of yet, but I’d guess early 2021.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2020/09/16/the-playstation-5-demons-souls-remake-is-also-coming-to-pc/