Коментар биткоина америчког републиканског кандидата Рамасвамија Јабса ДеСантиса


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Vivek Ramaswamy, a Biotech Entrepreneur, and Republican candidate, is the only contender informed by Bitcoin for insightful discussions. DeSantis launch a presidential campaign on Twitter promising to protect Bitcoin, but Ramaswamy believes in a shallow understanding of the crypto. Ramaswamy said to Coindesk, there’s someone who holds in-depth knowledge of Bitcoin and engages in such things, Whitehouse needs such a leader, he added. DeSantis referenced Ramaswamy’s Bitcoin CDBC concept in “Woke. Inc” to grasp the Whitehouse. Coindesk sent emails in response to Ramaswamy’s comment but no reply from the DeSantis campaign.